Dodgeball Leagues Run by Social Boston Sports

On Going 7 Week Dodgeball Leagues
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.


Click here to see a video of a Social Boston Sports at Dodgeball of Boston

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How is the game played? We use six foam balls covered with vinyl which are soft upon impact but are easy to throw. Each team consists of eight players. Only six players are allowed on the court during play. The object is to hit the opposing players with a "live ball" (direct throw) in order to get them 'out'. Catching a live ball causes the thrower to be 'out'. Striking a player above the shoulders is not permitted and will not count as an out. The first team to eliminate the opposing team's players wins. Visit for more details of how games are played!
Where: All games will be held at Dodgeball of Boston located at 1 Broadway Street, Arlington, MA; only 5 minutes from Davis Square and Porter Square. The facility also has ample parking for those that drive.
When: All games will start at 7:30PM and go until 9:30PM

Cost: Only $52.00 for all 7 weeks of friendly and fun play, meeting great new people on the court in your socks, and great deals at the bar we'll be visiting every Tuesday night. Sign up now by clicking the link at the bottom of the page!
7 weeks of dodgeball
Team T-shirts
Bar nights after Dodgeball from 9:30 - 12:00 at a local Bar
Individuals: "Free Agents" can sign-up alone, or in small groups, to be placed on a team of other free agents. Generally two teams are made up of solely free agents. Individual dodgeballers pay $52.
Teams: Pre-formed teams are invited to sign-up together, to make the registration process more managable for everyone involved. Teams must be made up of 8 players, and at least 2 women must be on the court during each game. Team cost is $364 for 8 players (captain plays for free).

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