Dodgeball Rules

Teams are comprised of 6 players
You are allowed to have 10 players on the roster
You must have 6 players to start the game
You must have a minimum of 2 girls on the court to start the game
The object is to have the last player standing at the end of the time limit. This is accomplished by getting players OUT as explain below.
There is no time limit; however, each game will last for approximately 3 minutes.
Each team will start behind their respective end lines until the referee blows the start whistle
The balls will be placed at the centerline at the start of a match and each team must race to the middle to gain possession of a ball. The players must not cross the centerline in any form of fashion when going for the balls. Any player who crosses the center line will be considered OUT. You may not throw a ball at any player until you retreat behind the restraining line. To count, balls must be thrown below the neck. If any ball hits an opposing player above the neck, the thrower will be considered OUT. On the other hand, any player who, at the discretion of the Referee, is found to be ducking intentionally to hit his/her head will be considered OUT.
Ducking is the lowering or moving of the head into or out of the path of a ball is any form of fashion. Ducking to avoid a ball is legal. If, in trying to duck to avoid a ball, another ball hits you in the head, you are not considered out.
The referee will call you OUT for the following reasons:
A ball, thrown by an opposing player, hits you below the neck, and the ball then hits the floor
The opposing player catches a ball that you have thrown
If you have a ball in your hand, you may use it to protect yourself. If your teammate catches the ball, the one who threw the ball is considered OUT. If the ball hits your teammate and the ball hits the ground, then your teammate is OUT. A player may still be saved if another teammate catches it after it bounces off the second teammate.
If the have a ball in your hand that you attempt to deflects with and the force of your opponents throw forces your own ball out of your hands you are OUT.
If you or your team holds a ball for more than 15 seconds, this is considered a delay of the game. The last person holding this ball must roll the ball on the floor to the opposing team and is considered OUT. This will be implemented at the discretion of the Referee.
You are not OUT if the ball hits the floor before it hits you.
Your MUST stay within the boundaries at all times unless you have no one who has been determined to be OUT. In this instance, only one person is allowed to cross the outside boundary lines to retrieve a ball. If more than one person crosses the boundary lines, every person after the first person will be considered OUT. If people on your team have already been declared OUT, they may stay on the sidelines and retrieve any balls that leave the court area.
People on the sidelines may not enter the boundary of the court area at any time
When they retrieve a ball they may give that ball to their team on the court.
Timing Rules:
There is one way of winning a game:
One team gets the entire opposing team OUT
Playoff games are played just like regular seasons games